"I just want to run to you and break off the chains and throw them away"

by - 12:25 AM

My life has changed so much this past year. I have been single for a year now, living on my own for a year and a half, got baptized last summer. I am happier than I have ever been in my entire life, and I'm not even leaning on other people for this happiness. I believe that is true happiness, when you arn't relying on other people to keep you in that secure place.
I'm confident in my future. I don't know what it includes, but I do know that God has my back. I just got accepted into New York Film School and will be living there for a month next summer. I will also be traveling Europe for a few weeks after I graduate. Life is just amazing.
Reading the Good Book is the best thing I have ever done. Everything in there is there to protect us because God loves us and wants us to be safe and happy. Ever since I have began to read, its like everything in my life is being redefined and I see things in a new light and out of that, my happiness soars. Its truly magical. Situations arise, as they always do in life, but I am able to handle it with poise and security and grace, rather than emotionally. I am realizing that I will just be walking down the street in the rain, and the simple fact that I am able to feel the cold or wetness of rain on my skin just makes me smile. Its so amazing what we are. I cant even begin to imagine the complexities of each one of us as individuals. I take full pride in the fact that Im a dork, but I feel like I can just be myself and I have people in my life that love me to the fullest. This is what it is all about. True happiness. God, Love, Family, Friends, Church, Art, Education, Dance, Laughing, Music, Napping, Cuddling, Slippers, and Coffee.

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