Friday, June 24, 2011

Time... Tic Tok

Time... Its an interesting concept. I woke up this morning and because of the amount of time I had to sleep, I feel re-energized and ready to face the day. I started listening to a Joyce Meyer broadcast, who is a Christian preacher but not the weird kind that make Christianity seem like a cult but she has an amazing life story and talks about real life things. Her sermon ignighted some thinking on my part about time and where I am spending my time/how I am spending my time here on the earth. Chances are, I am going to be one of those people who are not remembered 20,30 years after I pass. Im not going to be a Marilyn Monroe or a Martin Luther King Jr. Where is your attention FIRST thing in the morning? Today, it was on breakfast and facebook.... not so deep. lol. Where your mind goes, the man will follow so I need to take time in the morning to make decisions about my day. At any given moment a friends could make you upset, you could run out of milk, your credit card statement could come in, your car could break down, or you could just have a bad hair day. Are we just meant to go by our natural [and often times unreasonable] reactions? Ive learned more recently that we can take control about our actions, our thoughts, our words and most of all our time! What I do shows my priorities and I dont want my day to be ruined because my hair wont cooperate.... not reasonable. What will seperate you/me from the ordinary is to train ourselves to take control of who we are! Think about how you are spending your time - is it with negative thoughts about others? yourself? your future? Is it planning but not doing? Is it focused on work and not family? I am guilty of procrastination and negative thinking - I get anxiety alot of the time but have a great way of hiding it. My mind goes to a negative outcome of the circumstance Im in and i immediately panic. My time is spent on thinking about things that mostly... dont happen in the end. I heard somewhere that 80% of the things we worry about, never actually happen. I think there is some sort of benefit in preparing yourself for those situations, but just spend maybe a second on that idea and move forward. There is a richness to "lets cross that bridge when we get to it". I am a futurist, I like to dwell on the future and invision it before it happens just so I ensure that I dont miss out on any opportunities. Its a problem because I am therefore spending more time in the future than I am in the current NOW.
Where are you spending your time? I know the things that are valuable to me, that I want to be number one in my life but am I reflecting that in my life right now? No. I know I need to spend more time learning who God is, what he says about my life/circumstances but I will honestly spend more time in a day on facebook than I will on my own salvation. The distractions in technology are AMAZING but we arnt really conscious of those things. If I really consider my time here on earth and if it were to come to an end tomorrow.... I would say I would have left A TON of things unfinished. My procrastination is an issue (writing emails to friends, finishing paintings, reading the Good Book, spending time with family) Ill do it all tomorrow! We were never promised a tomorrow. How humbling is that? I could leave the house today and be done with my time on earth and those things that are important to me will never have been completed.... OH but my facebook status will be updated..... yea..... After reading this, i challenge you to write down a list of your priorities on one piece of paper... then on another write down where you HONESTLY think you spend most of your time in a given day. I guarentee we all have work to do in order for those two lists to match up. Strive towards greatness, never settle for ordinary, be an extrodinary version of yourself and START with reassessing your time.

xoxo - S.

My Lists
My Faith / volunteering
My Family
My Friends
My Self / Dance
My Work / Money

Where my TIME is spent:
My Friends / making sure im involved in everything and not left out
My Self / Dance
My work / thinking about my future and how I am going to make money
My Faith / Volunteering / spending time reading
My Family...

:. Things are not lining up... I have some work to do :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Things Ive Learned

Break ups.....
Listen to the empowering songs my friends. Not those sad, depressing, stuck in a hole, no one there to help you out songs. We came into this world as individuals, we will leave the same so enjoy the ride and never depend your happiness on anyone else in this world except for yourself. You are in control of your own destiny and if you choose to waste your emotional effort on someone you will never understand, your years will fly by and you will miss out on so much!