Saturday, May 11, 2013

God's Will

I've been doing a 40 day commitment where I commit to turn off the radio and TV during the week for 40 days and challenge myself to read one chapter, watch one sermon, and pray daily. It hasn't been easy but I did hear it takes a certain amount of days to develop a 'habit' and this is what I am hoping to integrate into my daily life - God - and being dedicated to knowing him more.

Appropriate to say, I started in the book of John again and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

At first, I didn't acknowledge why I chose 40 days, but I later understood the connection to Matthew 4, when Jesus went to the wilderness for 40 days and was tempted by the devil.
I feel I'm in a season of being in the wilderness, Seems fitting. If I can get through these 40 days, I feel that my faith and trust in God will grow stronger in the end. Right now, his strength is being made perfect in my weakness because I am at my weakest I have been in a long time.


Have you ever driven a car without a working radio? Well, it's very easy to start praying when you are driving in silence and the only thing you can think of is how your car is on it's last legs and you arn't sure how long it will last.

So recently I've been praying on my car rides. To work, to home, to church, to my parents, wherever, Im praying.

On my way home last night I felt led to pray something specific... now this doesn't always happen. In fact, very seldom do I feel the spirit that strongly to lead me in one direction. So I did, and my prayer was as follows:

 "Father, if there is something of who you are.... something theologically or something in doctrine that I am misunderstanding..... something important that I am just not getting..... please reveal that to me. Please help me to acknowledge what I am misunderstanding and lead me to the proper understanding of it."

Now at the time I had no idea what I was praying, and to be honest I didn't really think anything of it after that.

I got home, and of course doing the 40 day challenge, I opened up an app on my ipad to listen to a sermon. More specifically, someone I was talking to at my pastor's house had mentioned a sermon he was listening to and that striked my interest.... which landed me to this sermon:

I've been putting alot of pressure on trying to find God's will for my life. I'm trying to figure it out through work, through church, through relationships, and of course failed relationships. I'm trying to figure out where God is leading me, what he wants for my life, what he expects of me, and what he wants me to do. I am constantly looking up and saying "What do you want of me?". I know I don't want anything but HIS will, but I've gotten to a place where Im stopping where I am, afraid to make any decisions in fear that it may be out of his will and I'll be missing his voice. What does God want me to do? Where does God want me to go? When is God's timing?

What is God's will?!

Well... here comes another redefinition:

Yep. That's it.......Whatever.
When I first heard this in the sermon I was like... "huh?" because everything Ive been learning is that God has a specific calling on us and it seeming like our entire purpose is to just try to figure out this mysterious secret that God is hiding from each of us about what His will for our lives is.

Here is an overview of what I learned:

Truth One:
It's not this big secret that he is keeping from us and he's up there laughing at us trying to figure it all out for ourselves. He wants us to know His will for our lives. However, small problem: YOU CAN'T DO GOD'S WILL UNTIL YOU UNDERSTAND GODS WILL. 

So how do we understand God's will?:
His will for us is for us to understand His character, his ways, who He truly is.
Understand who God is. Know God's ways! Simply reading His word is the easiest way to understand God's ways, specifically through the life of Jesus.


When we have a better grasp of God's ways, his character and who God is, we will have a better idea of what his will for our lives is. The more you get to know someone, the more you can understand their attitudes or opinions on certain things without even having to ask. You understand them as a person, and same here, we are called to understand God, SEEK HIM first - being seek his ways.

understand His ways = understand His will.

It is important to note that God is more concerned with HOW you live your life. 
The WHY is more important than the WHERE
The WHO is more important than the WHAT.

Truth Two:
And we know that in all things 
God works for the good of those who love him, 
who have been called according to his purpose - Romans 8:28


Regardless of your circumstance no matter in the valley (dark, rough times) or on the mountain top (rejoicing, happy times), seeking God's presence and His heart is the best thing you can do in your faith walk. Why? Because His word stands true that he created each one of us, with a purpose, he came so that we could have life to the fullest, our God is a good God with love so deep, no human love can ever match. Jesus was sacrificed for our sins, God's one and only son was given because he LOVED the world. THIS is why we can trust. THIS is why when we feel lost, when we feel confused, when we feel we don't understand our path, seeking His ways, seeking his heart, his presence is the most important thing we can do.

He loves us. 

"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path" 
Psalm 119-105

Truth Three:
God shows us His will through the situations He placed us in, good or bad.

 In order to understand this point we must first understand that What the enemy means for evil, God can use for good.

We can't underestimate the way that God can use the right people to lead us to the right place. We must exalt our view of God's word. We need to look to and through the word of God in our situations to understand God's presence in our circumstances.

So really, we must ask ourselves this question:
Why would God give His son, allow His son to die, raise His son from the grave and send His Spirit if He didn't want to bless us? If he didn't want us to be joyful. Didn't want our lives to be fulfilling, lovely, purposeful. 

Discovering the will of God for our lives is the most important objective we could ever pursue. But after we discover it, it's important that we "Do" the will of God.

There are 43 shades of orange. There are all kinds of orange. We can get so caught up in picking the "right" colour for our lives but the Word of God is like any can of paint, it's value is in its application.

Delight ourselves in the Lord, 
not so that He will fulfill my desires 
but so that He will INSTILL His desires


When you want what God wants 
for the reasons God wants it... 
you're unstoppable.

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, 
do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, 
giving thanks to God the Father through him. 
- Colossians 3:17

"Alot of people live imprisoned within preconceived 
notions about how God's will works"

God HAS spoken to people specifically in the bible, however, most of us won't experience this. We are to listen to what God has done throughout history and study His ways to understand what he may be speaking to us over our lives and situations.

He will confirm His will through multiple sources if He is trying to tell you something specific.

He isn't telling us to get up at a specific time - That's our responsibility.
He isn't telling us to talk to a specific person - We are called to honour Him in everything we do
He isn't telling us to marry a specific person -  We look for relationships that bring us closer to the Lord

When Jesus called the disciples, they were out fishing, not searching for the meaning of their lives. They were busying themselves with living.

We must stop seeking for a quick answer from God and just start trusting in Him. There may be a reason why we don't know specific paths we are going to be taking in life (who we are going to marry, what job we will have, where we will live) because God just simply wants us to TRUST HIM and HAVE FAITH IN HIM.

Again like mentioned above, What the enemy uses for harm, God can use for good.

No matter what path you have gone down, God can lead you right back to the path he needs you on but we must prepare our hearts, we must be putting God as our priority and we must put our faith and trust in him ABOVE our fleshly doubts, laziness, insecurities, and worldly desires.

Therefore.... is it really His specific will for our lives that we should be meditating on?
No. We need to first be seeking God for who He is. Because He first loved us. Because if we are passionately seeking Him, we are then already on the path of His will.

Trust. Faith. Hope. Love.

<3 br="" nbsp=""> xoxo S.