Sunday, February 2, 2014

26 Goals for My 26th Year

So it's been a while since I last wrote. I moved back home (yes, it was the right decision), my church has gone through some major changes with a lot of the Pastors leaving, I am single (again) and loving it, back dancing, lost my Grampy (love you), and had some progression in my job. Also... I'm another year older!

My incredible friends threw a surprise party for me, which made up for me having the flu during my actual birthday. I felt so overwhelmingly loved, appreciated, and hearing their kind words made me realize that I do not see myself the same way others may. 
One of my friends challenged me to make 26 specific goals for this year, and I thought what better way to document it than on my blog!

So here it goes, my 26 goals for 2014:

1. Post a blog once a month

2. Read my bible every morning during the week.

3. Share my testimony at some point

4. Go see the Ballet in Toronto

5. Visit Friends in NYC

6. Watch the sunset in Sauble

7. Visit the Colosseum in Rome

8. Go in the Eiffel Tower in Paris

9. Do more segments in front of the camera

10. Go sky diving or white water rafting

11. Run a 5km without stopping

12. Do the Ride for Refuge in the fall - 50km

13. Learn an instrument (guitar)

14. Take Tuck on a walk once a week.

15. Stick to ballet - at least one class a week

16. Travel overseas

17. Dance at Maria's wedding

18. See Jenn and Duncan share their first kiss as a married couple

19. Save $10,000  by the end of the year

20. Take an online course to help my career

21. Go on a date

22. Learn Portuguese

23. Take Jay to the zoo

24. Visit the aquarium in Toronto with a friend

25. Learn one recipe each month

26. Fall in Love 

xoxo S.