4 Ways to Improve Your Prayer Life

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When you are in a relationship with someone, do you just talk about that person to all your friends and constantly scroll through their social media feeds?

Well, if it's a real relationship (and not just stalking Ryan Gosling) hopefully the answer is no.

When you love someone, you spend time with your lovebug!
(yea, I said lovebug..)

When you desire connection with that special person, you block out time from your busy schedule and make them a priority. And when things get super busy, you still text them throughout the week even if it's little kissy emojis (admit it, you've done it too).

So.. what does this have to do with prayer?

Well, prayer is spending time with God!
And if we are in a relationship with our Maker, we must talk with Him, daily, instead of only talking about Him.

We need to make time with Him a priority instead of letting prayer be the last thing on our minds before we close our eyes at night (No judgment here, I'm completely guilty of this).

Prayer should be exciting, we get to talk to the creator of the Universe... and He listens!

Just thank about that for a moment... why wouldn't we want to do this every day?! But the truth is, sometimes it's just hard to keep prayer a priority, especially when we haven't seen it work in action.

But remember, God can't answer unprayed prayers...

Here are four ways to keep prayer a priority in your life:

1. Talk to him as a daughter/son
Talk to God as your Father, your Dad... your Papa. Don't worry about reciting the perfect prayer, but talk to Him as a Father and Friend. Be real with him and tell him how you are really feeling. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want because, like a good Father, He will not give you something unless He believes its best for you. Talk to him. Even if it's to tell Him you're feeling weak today or feeling happy or that you don't feel Him near. Whatever it is, be real with your Heavenly Father.

2. 11:11 & Elevator Rides
Find triggers to set for your prayer life.
For me, whenever I see 11:11 I make a point of praying for my mom. I've been doing this for 3 years now. Also, living in an apartment, I take the elevator everytime I leave for the day and come home. This is the perfect opportunity to pray! I have 11 floors to speak to God and dedicate my day to him in the morning and when I come home, I am able to hand over my anxieties, worries and thank Him for all that He is and has blessed me with!

Need some ideas? What about stop lights! Make every red light your prayer trigger.
When you stop, just talk to him!

3. Prayer journal
This has been one of the best things I have done in my prayer life.
I picked up a Kate Spade planner and have been using it as my prayer journal. I always start my prayer with gratitude, and finding at least one thing to thank God for before I ask for anything. This has forced me to see the beauty in every day!
Keeping a prayer journal, I am also able to look back on things I had previously prayed for (which surprisingly I forget about!) and I am able to see how God answered (or didn't answer) that prayer! I highlight the answered prayers so I can see how God is at work in my life!

4. Chalkboard Prayer Wall
I have this incredible chalkboard wall in my apartment that I walk past every day. This is where I write out my goals and my big prayer requests. It reminds me to pray about the big things in my life and offers perspective. Revisit this list every month (or every week if you're feeling productive!) You can order a chalkboard vinyl off of amazon OR just use post-its and put them in a place you will see them everyday like the bathroom mirror or your front door!

It's incredible how we could be completely blind to God's presence in our life until we start looking for Him in everything.

God desires to connect with us (no matter how long it's been since we last spoke with Him!)

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