5 Ways to Stay Motivated to Workout

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Happy Motivation Monday!

Today I'm writing about how I stay motivated in my fitness goals!

Keeping fitness a priority has helped me deal with my anxiety levels, sleep better, have more energy and be more productive! On a normal day when I get home, I'm immediately tempted to slump on the couch. But if I get in a good workout, I somehow have more energy and get a lot more housework done!

Here are 5 ways to stay motivated to workout!

1. Find What Works for You!:
Find a way of exercising that you enjoy! Maybe you hate dancing and refuse to attend that Zumba class at the risk of embarrassing yourself. Try running! Running is great if you are goal oriented as you can track your progress and really see results if you stick to it!

APPS: My two favourite running apps are 5k Runner / Couch to 5k and Map My Run.

5k Runner: uses the same program that the Running Room uses. It's like having your own personal couch telling you when to run and when to "slow down and walk!". This is great if you are just starting to run for the first time.

Map My Run: This app keeps track of your pace, running route, and allows you to "compete" or "friend" other people doing the same thing! Your profile will show you how often you run and your progress.

2. Set Your Major & Mini Goals:
An example of a major goal would be: Run a 5k / 10k / half marathon / full marathon!
If you have a set goal to work towards, you are more likely to put in the work. Sign up for a race 4-8 weeks from now and get to work!

An example of a mini goal is those daily tasks that will help you achieve success in your major goal.

Mini goal: Get to the gym today
Mini goal: Drink 8 glasses of water today
Mini goal: Run for the full length of Justin Bieber's "Sorry" (it's got a great beat!)

3. Pinterest & Post-its:
Let's get vis-u-al, vis-u-al!
Get your fitness motivation on my starting a "work it girl" pinterest board! You may feel awful by scrolling through the unneccary amounts of "fit bod" pics but you WILL get to the good stuff like the motivational quotes, running tips, and keep your eye out for some cute running outfits!
I LOVE Post-it inspiration. I commonly put post-it's all around my apartment with quotes and bible verses that keep me in perspective and on track!

4. Be Consistent & Set Your Routine!:
Set Alarms - 10 if you have to!
I find the hardest part of exercising is getting to the gym! (or getting on that track if it's warm enough outside!) Don't be too ambitious - set aside certain mornings or evenings for gym time. Start with 2 or 3 days a week and treat it like a meeting! (You wouldn't miss an important meeting would you?)
Next, make sure you have good beats on your ipod/iphone. This is KEY to keep you motivated during your workout. (Side note: the worse thing about being on a 5k app is when the app tells you to slow down and walk... yet the music is the perfect beat for running. smh)

5. Reward Yourself:
Ah, if you've read my blog "3 Ways to Stay Motivated" for common life goals, you know I'm a fan of this one!
This one's simple... Reach a goal = Get new workout gear!
New water bottle, new sunglasses, new leggings or cute running shoes!

Now every time you put on those new shoes, you'll remember the progress you've made!
After all, what's the point in accomplishing goals if you can't have something cute to remember them by!

Get an accountibilibuddy!
This is someone who will make you terribly guilty if you don't put down that toblerone bar, turn off that Amy Winehouse doc on Netflix and get your butt to the gym...
I'm clearly speaking from experience - thanks Rachelle for the push!

I promise you - you won't regret your workout! (unless you hurt yourself.... be sure to stretch!)

Endorphins are powerful mini monsters who make you HAPPY after you put your body to use! We are meant to move.

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