Old Navy Miracle Shoes!

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Happy Fashion Friday!

Okay - I'm not a fashionista BUT pinching pennies to pay rent and put myself through my Masters program, a girl's gotta celebrate when miracle shoes happen!

Yep, you heard me.

M i r a c l e  s h o e s .

Doesn't it sound beautiful?

I work in television which means I work with people who have to maintain a pretty extensive  wardrobe to stay current on air. Did I mention we are live-to-air every day during the week?!

Our make-up artist saw these beautiful shoes on clearance at Old Navy for $0.97
Nope - I did NOT make a mistake in placing the decimal there.

97 cents my friend! Before taxes ;)

I don't know if I've EVER seen shoes drop that low in price! Especially cute grey booties like these!

Of course being the genius she is, our make-up artist quickly grabbed them off the shelf having in mind one of our co-hosts!

(Un)fortunately, the shoes didn't fit our co-host... but guess who was next in line for having big feet!

That's right - for being 5'9 (okay, okay 5'10) I have size 10 feet which means I get the ugly shoe aisle for the majority of my adult life. It's a bit difficult for me to find cute shoes... especially ones that won't hurt me. (tall girls... you get me)

I made my way down to the make up room, like cinderella I slipped the beautiful grey bootie on my right foot and VOILA!

The shoe fit!

Not ONLY did it fit - it was completely comfortable and looked great!

With a little suggestion from my friend who works in the fashion industry, I paired them with loose ripped jeans rolled up and layered a loose T with a blanket scarf and these miracle shoes made me feel like a million bucks!

Well, at least definitely more than the $0.97 I paid the make-up artist for them!

I have to say, I feel blessed every day - but boy when blessings come in the form of cute grey booties... It's a good day.

Miracle shoes, I'm telling you!


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