Wanderlust #2: Trust and Believe

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Happy Wanderlust Wednesday!
I recently decided to backpack through England, France and Switzerland on my own. I documented my experience and the valuable lessons I learned every day in my travel journal. Every Wednesday, I will post another entry from my trip so my entire journal will be in digital form!

London, England

Russel Park

Chopped my mop and I'm headed to England!
"Wow God!
It has been 12 hours since I've arrived and You have provided, blessed, restored, revived and ignited a brand new passion in me. I had no issues moving from the airport to the hostel. Okay, I may have walked too far but ironically I came across a street sign that said "Huntley Street!". 

I went to Hillsong London WAY too early, however, because of that I made some amazing friends. I didn't even think to take photos with them, that's how much fun it was. We ate at a restaurant that booked their entire lower floor out for Hillsong-goers. I had to order "chips" hehe.

I quickly ran back to the hostel, got in my room and even though I couldn't find it at first, I am happy with the room.
I've only met one person so far so I pray that goes well.

I can't get over how awesome You are God!

I've already been reminded that all I have to do is trust and believe because You can and You will!

I pray these two weeks bring us ever closer. I pray Lord that I can obtain a better understanding of your love for me. 


So British! 

I'm sitting on a park bench in London, England writing this!

I'm SO not brave enough for this. I am not strong enough... BUT You are in me!

I don't feel scared. I don't feel weak. I don't feel insufficient.

I am enough because you are all I need and I have You."

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