Wanderlust #3: God's Timing is Perfect

by - 6:30 AM

London, England
Generator Hostel
{05.25.15} 9pm

Change of the guards!
"The lock on my pull out drawer was broken so I had to leave my "valuables" at the front desk.

Breakfast was awful! But I ate some anyway and grabbed a "hop on hop off" ticket!

I ended up stopping first at Buckingham palace and the entire route around the palace was blocked off because there was a race that had just finished!

I walked up to the palace gates right when the change of the guard was happening (God's timing is perfect!)

I then just wandered.

I walked down into a park and got a chicken sandwich. I was feeling daring so I got it with "everything" on it which included onions, mayo, and lettuce.
Yep. Brave, I know haha

Next, I ended up walking past a beautiful war memorial and into Hyde Park!
I wanted to save the park for the next visit but the weather was beautiful so I hired a bike for the hour.

I then proceeded to get lost... kind of...

Glass Egg View of Ben!
I ended up at Kensington Palace, past some beautiful lakes with paddle boats and swans.
I caught the next "hop on" and we made our way to Big Ben!

BUT... I couldn't help myself and got a ticket for the giant wheel.

After a cheesy "4D" experience, I boarded the moving glass egg with a bunch of strangers.

The view was beautiful! I think I took 50 photos of just Ben alone!

When I got off, I wandered over to Big Ben and the government building... Taking selfies and not caring.
Selfie with Ben!
I'm amazed at how comfortable I am being by myself but I am getting sick of my own face in photos!

Westminister Abby was under construction and closed but I went up anyway.

I then took "The Tube" back to Kings Cross, had an incident where I thought I had to get off the train b/c they announced something. So I caught the next one, grabbed good ol' McDonalds, and went back to the hostel to pack for my travel day to Paris!

It was a good day.

Did I mention Ben chimed as soon as I walked up to him?

I'm reminded again.... God's timing is perfect"


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