Wanderlust #1: Go with God

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 I've wanted to travel through Europe for a while now but waiting for the perfect travel companion seemed to be unproductive so... last year I decided to be brave and backpack through Europe on my own for 16 days.

It now seems like a dream because the only one who keeps those memories.... is me and the good Lord!

I wrote down, almost every day, my experiences so I wouldn't forget the valuable lessons I received from my travels. 

Every Wednesday I will be copying one of my journal entries and adding current reflections so eventually, my Wanderlust Journal will be in digital form!

xo sc

Toronto, Ontario > London, England


Dany, Jayden & me at the Toronto Airport
"I already feel the power of my eGroup girl's prayers! I had an amazing dinner with mom and dad. My sister-in-law Dany and nephew Jayden visited us before Dany's shift. She works for Air Canada, so it worked out perfectly!

Jay is SO SWEET! Pointing up in the sky saying "airplane go high!" 

I got through the not-so-stressful security check no problem. Dany came by again to see me off, reminiscing of her own Europe adventures. I knew this was going to be a trip I wouldn't forget.

Dany is genuinely excited for me. It's so nice to have family that supports and loves you when you make crazy decisions like travelling to a foreign country on your own!

She only had a quick break, so she had to leave but the last thing she says before leaving, with a huge smile on her face...

"Go with God"

My response: "I will"

I can't wait to see how this adventure will grow me. Mentally, physically, emotionally, but most of all spiritually!

Time to board!"

My brother's backpack.
Had to add the girly flower. He wasn't impressed.
Dad with my nephew Jayden at the Toronto Airport

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