First 5km of the Running Season!

by - 3:30 AM

Yesterday I completed my first 5km of the running season!


If you saw my previous post - 5 Ways to Stay Motivated - you'll know I signed up for this race a while back to keep me motivated to keep my health and fitness a priority.

Race day is always so exciting!
People are pumped, you have a great mix of people; young, old, professional runners to walkers, you always get free swag and food and there are ALWAYS people on the sidelines cheering you on!

You also see the fun runners! Last year I had a man pass me that was juggling, two firefighters in full on gear, and this time there were people in tu-tus, bunny ears, and a giant fish almost past me. Seeing these people, you can't help but smile and feel happy to be a part of the human race. (see what I did there? get it? race? hehe)

Seriously - I kept thinking how awesome it was that we were all just using the bodies the good Lord gave us to come together, have fun and accomplish our goals!

- Bring a friend! I've done many races by myself, and it's great - there's no pressure to have to run with anyone, you are literally running against yourself. But nothing compares to getting psyched up for the race with a few buddies and celebrating with them at the finish line - so I have a rule! If I'm running with friends, there is NO PRESSURE to stay together. Mostly because I pace myself to the point of turtle speed and I can't keep my friends from a PR!
- Breathing: I was conscious of my breathing this time - in through my nose, out through my mouth - and wow, what a difference it made in how long I could run for!
- It's okay to walk! If you are a new runner, or don't have the stamina for long distances, pace yourself! I downloaded a pacing app - you can set how long you want to run for, and how long you walk for. I didn't end up listening to it as the adrenaline from people around me pushed me for longer than I usually can go!
- Good music: I built a Spotify playlist called "Run Girl Run" and had the best running songs from Bieber's "What Do You Mean" to a throwback of Destiny's Child's "Survivor".
- Set up a race tradition! I ALWAYS call my mom after a race. I tell her how I did, how I feel, and it's always nice to have someone to celebrate with if you are running a race by yourself!

Major Goal:
The purpose of this race wasn't to PR. Rather - it was to finish.
Yep that's right - just cross that finish line walking if I had to and I would have accomplished the purpose! You see, people put so much pressure on comparing themselves to other people's time and pace to the point that they feel they can't be successful at it, so they just... don't try. But I'm doing this for fun and I know by just getting out there and doing, I'm succeeding! And having a blast while doing it!

Mini Goal:
I set a realistic time goal and I accomplished that too so double woo!
Also... another mini goal was to get that beautiful blue snowflake metal which I will proudly display in my apartment.

Purpose, Not Perfection:
I am trying to consciously ask myself the purpose of all I do, and for this, the purpose was to just do it (shout out to Nike!) I know that if I continue, my time will get better. The more work I put in, the more I will get out of it. What a beautiful metaphor for life!

I know, I know, 5km is not impressive - but I'm not doing this to impress anyone, I'm doing this for me. I've realized that running has helped me handle my anxiety (negative thinking) and is also an incredible gift to be able to work towards a goal (and accomplish it!).

When I focus on purpose and not perfection - I'll say this was one fabulous day!


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