It's a Beautiful Day to Be Alive!

by - 12:17 PM

It's a beautiful day to be alive!

I sat down at my kitchen nook and looked outside. I told myself "if 10 people run by in the next 5 minutes, I'll go for a run"
A group of 26 runners then proceeded to run by which caused me to throw on my pink running shoes and head out the door!

I live in Burlington, the running capitol of Southern Ontario right on the beach strip - one of the most beautiful places to run! How could I not be a part of this incredible group of humans that put on bright coloured spandex to make them look like - and feel like - super humans and get out there?!

I'll take any excuse to wear bright pink!

I feel my muscles start to work, I feel my body being used how it's meant to! What a beautiful thing to be able to move the very body God blessed me with. To challenge it, push it, and see how the limitations are all in my mind!

Frosty 5km was just a week ago and I've already signed up for my next race. Less than a month away I will be running the Around the Bay - 5k of course! I haven't gotten to the point of running straight through BUT I am improving! I can feel my body working harder, faster and stronger every time I get out there.

I love working towards a goal - the progress is the story, not the medle at the end.
The reward is not about how you finished a race... its all about the journey!

Cheers to the journey


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