Obedience: Don't Let Others Distract You

by - 3:30 AM

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O b e d i e n c e. 

It asks us to push off distraction and focus in. 

Focus in on the One who holds our hearts. Those around us may not understand, or even support us, but no one can deny when God begins to move in something he has called you to.

"Lord, I hear you calling me to obedience. There is so much distracting me from hearing your voice today. Help me to push aside the noise, the pressure, and lend my ear to your still, small voice. God I desire to walk in the way you have set before me. I am done attempting to please man. Help me, step by step, as I lean on you for guidance. Thank you Lord for choosing me, and using me for your glory. As I learn to be more obedience, and learn your heart, I can't wait to see the incredible things you will reveal to me.

In Jesus name,


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