Stressed to Blessed Challenge

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My friend Nadine posted a challenge on our bible study Facebook page this week:

Proverbs 18:21 says "The power of life and death are in the tongue." I know how powerful words can be. Just think about how those negative words that person said to you three years ago STILL reel over and over in your mind. 

But how about positive words? 
What if we started acknowledging what God has already done for us rather than focusing on what He has yet to do? 

Stay with me here...

What if... we took how we feel and replace that with the truth that we are blessed.

Some people think that being blessed is being married to that perfect person, living comfortably, having that perfect job, a nice car, having good health and "living the dream"... but it's not.

We're blessed because of Jesus.
He died for our sins. He took all our baggage, our dirt and all that stuff that kept us from knowing a Holy God and he died on our behalf. In that moment, we were made Holy.
Now when God sees us... he sees Jesus - his perfect, sinless son.

We are blessed.
We need to understand that no matter our circumstances, we are blessed because of Jesus.

Stressed to Blessed Challenge

So... this is what I've done and I invite you to join:
I've taken all those ugly words I use on my phone when I rant and complain to my friends and I've replaced them with blessed. Now when I go to use those ugly words in my vocabulary, my phone will autocorrect them to "Blessed!" 

iPhone users:
settings - general - keyboard - text replacement. 
Under the column "Phrase" you want to write blessed and under "shortcut" write your ugly word. Create as many as you can!

Leave this for a week, or a month, and take note of how often you are using those ugly words. See how the autocorrect to "blessed" changes the sentence. Challenge yourself to never click back on the ugly word but move forward in rephrasing your sentence so that you are speaking life in your conversations!

Now if there were only a way to autocorrect our oral vocabulary! 


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