Wanderlust #4: Half the Battle is Fear

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The following is a journal entry from my solo trip to Europe. I documented almost every day my experiences, my struggles, and what I learned about God and myself. I post a new travel journal entry every Wednesday!

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Paris, France

May 26, 2015 / 1am

I managed to find the train station to catch the Eurostar. The key is to find people with lots of luggage and follow them! The train ride was relaxing, I managed to get some sleep. As I got off, I felt a tiny bit intimidated, but found a tiny bread shop and asked for directions. The hostel I'm staying at is decent. There are curtains you can pull back on your bunk for privacy and an outlet plus shelf to charge your electronics. When I first got here, the room I was in had someone in my bed so I changed rooms and ended up arriving the same time as a girl from Australia named Dee. We hit it off quickly and took a train to Notre Dame. She seemed pretty confident in how to manage this french metro system she's never experienced before.

It makes me understand that half the battle is fear.

We saw Notre Dame, grabbed some croissants and quiche from a beautiful little market place and wandered around. I thought there was only one lock bridge but turns out there are lock bridges everywhere!

Later, we took the train to catch our free walking tour. The guide's name was Estefan and I loved listening to him! By this time, my legs and feet were killing me, but I didn't care... I'm in PARIS!
We walked up a hill in Montmartre, North Paris, listening to all the history! There were lots of cabarets. I loved hearing about Van Gogh. I thought he was kinda odd... but he was also a missionary?!
How in the world did I not know this before? I wasn't a Christian for the majority of the time I was studying art so maybe it was something I never thought was interesting enough to remember...

We managed to get to the top of Montmartre where there was this beautiful basilica (of the sacret heart) with a beautiful view of Paris. There was an enormous fresco of Jesus in the church. It was beautiful! After managing our way home, Dee invited me out with her red-headed, pierced, super-nice sister Nat. We went to this place called... Pa-pa? Anyway. Its real Parisan food! I tried DUCK for the first time and it was delicious. Also... tarte tare? It wasn't so good since the waiter poured alcohol all over it and set it on fire!

I'm a bit more sensitive to the burn of alcohol since I stopped drinking..
Anywho - God is AWESOME and I believe He can use Paris to make me fall in love with art again.


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