Wanderlust #5: Exploring Paris with New Friends

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The following is a journal entry from my solo trip to Europe. I documented almost every day my experiences, my struggles, and what I learned about God and myself. I post a new travel journal entry every Wednesday!

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Paris, France

May 28, 2015 / 1am

I missed a day of writing because I got in late last night. I hope I can remember it all! Okay here goes... yesterday:

I ate breakfast in the morning and managed to Facetime mom. It was nice to hear her voice and see her. I then met a bunch of people out front for the free walking tour of Central Paris. we ended up having the same tour guide as Montmartre, which I was happy about because he is in film school and very passionate about the city. we saw quite a bit and learned about the kings, the revolution,
Napoleon, how the horse statues hoofs symbolize how the rider died in war, walked through the Louvre gardens (it was
SO BEAUTIFUL!) and got an overall history of Paris! Afterwards I hung out with these two nice guys - one being Sid from New York and the other Justin from Montreal (also in film studies). We went to Musee D'orsay and I had many moments of awe.

Degas. Van Gogh. It was crazy to see the paintings that have been in many of my memories growing up in ballet class. There was this moment at this giant clock which overlooked Paris... There have been quite a few "pinch me" moments, and this was one of them. After D'orsay, we had coffee at a french restaurant by the Seine River. We then made our way over to Notre Dame where mass was occurring so we couldn't go upstairs. I got a chance to share a bit about what I believe in contrast to what was occurring in Notre Dame, that was really cool. 

After heading back, Dee, her sister Nat, Sid and I went to the grocery store to grab cheese, bread and wine! We then took the bus to the Eiffel Tower!

We sat down, had our delicious picnic and watched the Tower sparkle! Every hour, on the hour at night it lights up! (we saw 10pm and 11pm). I hear they want to paint it pink next which only means I'll have to come back!

We then walked around to try and find food. Saw the tunnel where Lady Diana's car crashed, ended up eating at a restaurant by our hostel as a lot was closed! Had some pasta, but everyone was exhausted by the end of the night.

What I learned:
Every night in Paris, God has provided people to explore this beautiful city with. I loved the opportunity to share my faith, be honest about who I am and who I believe in. God is good and I am so thankful.

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