Wanderlust #6: Palace Bike Ride

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The following is a journal entry from my solo trip to Europe. I documented almost every day my experiences, my struggles, and what I learned about God and myself. I post a new travel journal entry every Wednesday!

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Versailles, France
May 28, 2015

I woke up early, today is the day I've been looking forward to for a very long time!
Versailles Bike Tour!

Sid came along which annoyed me a bit. I needed alone time. Anyway, we got lost trying to find the Bike place and ended up running... which on no sleep and no coffee was no idea. I avoided him for the rest of the trip mostly because I needed to be separate. I was truly enjoying the bike ride but his complaints fed into my experience. Makes me wonder how negativity in my life from others plays an influence in my day to day...

We biked through the palace yard and it was incredible! We first stopped at a market and I grabbed a bagget, cheese, grapes, and of course macaroons!
We stopped for our picnic and I prayed that God would send a little sunshine because it was getting cold and was spitting.
As soon as we sat down, the sky opened up and even the guide mentioned how awesome it was!
God's timing is perfect!
I loved the rest of the tour. Just experiencing nature and enjoying the beauty of the gardens. It was a dream I hope to one day relive.

Later we went into Versailles. I grabbed an audio guide and went in. It was PACKED! I loved seeing all the art and gold but I needed to get out of there. I kept telling myself to calm down otherwise claustrophobia would set in. I got out into the yard and got wonderfully lost.

They had these aisles of tall trees lined all uniformly along. I wandered and was completely alone. It was amazing. I wish I had more time in the gardens. I would paint there. I would write my prayers to God. I would read. That beautiful palace yard needs to be utilized for the peaceful, spiritual, creative events. I made my way home with no issues, and met my new roommate Jesse from Australia. We met Justin and his new friend Christian from Chicago at the bar downstairs. We then went for dinner at a french restaurant. It's amazing how perfect strangers can connect so easily! We grabbed wine and crepes and went back to the hostel.

It was getting late and I was getting tired so I hung out for a bit then hit the hay! After all, I had to be up early for the louvre tomorrow!

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