You Traded Heaven to Have Me Again

by - 3:30 AM

These lyrics from Hillsong United's 'Touch the Sky' get to me. 

How beautiful, magnificent, and holy is God's love for us? 

Like a loving father whose child runs away, He stopped at nothing to find us and paid the price to bring us home again. 

That is love.

Thank you Lord that you've shown me what true love is. That Love stops at nothing. Love is a choice, and calls for sacrifice and obedience. As we celebrate Easter this weekend, I will choose to hold in my heart the truth behind this season. Lord, you sent your Son Jesus to show us who you are. He died on the cross, carrying the weight of our sin on his shoulders. But the story doesn't end there. On the third day, your son was resurrected and was on earth for the next 40 days until his ascension and was seated at your right hand. This story, 2000 years ago, is still being told today. Your love is majestic Lord.



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