Have You Prayed as Much as You've Talked?

by - 3:30 AM

As women, we tend to process outloud. 

If something is weighing on our hearts, we immediately turn to a listening ear to vent or cry. 

But what if God wants you to completely rely on Him in this... 

What if we were to "go to the throne before we go to the phone?" 

What if we kept our tears and our own listening ears tuned to Him. 

His ways are better than our ways and He is able to do abundantly more than we can ask, dream or imagine. But are we running to Him? 

Are we complaining/venting more about our problem to others rather than lifting it up in prayer to God? 

Remember, prayer changes everything! 

Our God is a mighty God. 

A challenge to consider this week - next time a girlfriend comes to you with a burden, ask if you can pray for her. Don't wait until you get home and forget, but pray with her right on the spot

Bring the author and perfecter of our faith into the conversation

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