Monday, January 30, 2017

He is Doing a New Thing

He's doing something new in your life, but you're impatient. 

You want to "fix" it yourself so you consider settling with old ways. 

Don't give in! 

Don't give up! 

Your obedience to Him, your patience and trust in your King, will soon be a harvest to reap. 

Keep planting. 

Keep digging in. 

Keep focused. 

He is doing something new! 

Don't give into old ways. 

There are far better plans ahead than the past God has asked you to leave behind!

Friday, January 27, 2017

His Grace will Protect You

It can be scary.
When He speaks to you.
When He prompts you to move. 

The unknown is like treading in dark waters. 

You can't see what's before you, but you always have the option to turn around and get back to the safety of the shore. 

He wants you to live a life of courage and bravery. 

He wants you to take a step into fully trusting your Saviour. 

Will you do it? 

He has you. 

He knows you. 

His grace will sustain you... 

But you have to make the first step. 

Step out into His promises. 

Step out into His grace. 

Take the chance my friend, 

for His ways are far better than our own.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Be Reminded of Your Source

There's so much grabbing for your attention this day... 

Your job, 


an argument you had with a loved one... 

But your soul desires connection to a source of life. 

A source of joy and peace unlike any other. 

Your heart is missing something. 

Do you feel it? 

He's gently nudging you... 

It's been too long since you've spoken to Him. 

He wants to listen to His child. 

God already knows your needs, your desires. 

But he wants connection with us. 

Press into him today. Be reminded that He is your source.
So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. 

For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

Monday, January 23, 2017

He's Never Failed and He Won't Start Now

Dear friend,
I know it's hard. 

I know it seems like things will never shift, will never change for you. 

You have a desire in your heart for how this life should go, but it just seems like you've lost control. 

It seems like those dreams are fading away. 

Don't let go my friend. 

Wake up to the wonder that is our King. 

He is working in ways you are not aware of. 

He is paving a beautiful white path before you. 

It's still a work in progress but be patient my friend! 

For the wait will be worth all the pain and tearful nights. 

My friend, remember what God has done for you already. 

Remember how he has provided. 

Remember how He has shown up. 

How He has been with you every step of the way. 

Remember my friend, He has never failed you, and I promise, 

He won't start now.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Beyond the Cross

These lyrics from Mercy Me's song "Dear Younger Me" reminds us all that there was purpose in the cross. 

Whatever you are carrying on your shoulders today, the weight of doubt, rejection, hopelessness, sorrow, or fear... Jesus took that from you and nailed it to the cross so you can turn your trust and hope to Him. 

Don't carry this weight behind the cross. 

Walk in the confidence that you are eternally loved and provided by your Heavenly Father who will never leave you nor forsake you.