How Much of What is Weighing You Down isn't Yours to Carry?

by - 5:30 AM

What if I told you what is overtaking your thoughts, isn't yours to carry? 

What if you weren't meant to carry that worry and pain beyond the cross? 

You see, He knows. 

I know it may not feel like He's with you, but as you are reading this, this is His gentle voice to your soul saying:

My daughter. I understand. 

My daughter, I'm here. 

My daughter, trust me with this. 

Be released from all that is weighing you down. 

We have a powerful, loving King who is trustworthy with your heart. 

Hand over the vulnerable, fragile corners of your heart to the One whom holds the blueprint to your path. 

Start listening to His still, small voice. 

Let go, and look to Him for guidance every next step. 

It's amazing how free we are, if we are willing to let God be God in our lives.

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