When You Face Your Fears, They Get Smaller Every Time

by - 5:30 AM

My biggest enemy is sometimes myself. 

I don't mean that in a self-deprecating way, but rather that I'm acknowledging my weakness in not always fully trusting God. 

He puts these opportunities in front of me but I convince myself I'm far too weak to jump in. I convince myself that He's got it all wrong -- that the open door in front of me is not for me to walk through. 

I convince myself that my skills and strengths are better used in my comfort zone, not in the land of the unknown. 

Cheryl Weber is someone I've considered a friend and mentor for the last 5 years and she's never given up. No matter how many times I limit myself, or say I can't do it she reminds me that it has nothing to do with me. 

And she's right! 

It's all about God. 

The opportunities He places in front of me to take are not for the purpose of lifting me up to a higher place, but rather lifting HIS name. 

My fear and insecurities get the best of me, and hidden by a thick layer of pride, I've managed to avoid opportunities God has placed before me. 

But I'm on a new journey - I'm attempting to live the life God called me to. 

It's a journey of self-awareness, attempted humility and constantly checking my pride at the door.  I'm not perfect and I have a LONG way to go, but I know this is a break through to step into all He has for me. 

I will not get in the way of His good and perfect gifts!

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