Am I Trusting in God, or am I Trying to be God?

by - 5:30 AM

I find myself asking this question when I want to take things into my own hands. 

Injustice, unfairness, when you feel wronged or when something is within your grasp. I tend to jump at the opportunity to try to fix it all, when in reality I fail every time and end up making a bigger mess. 

How much of my thoughts, my actions, my relationships are me trusting God and how much of it is me trying to be God? 

I tend to not like being out of control so this is a question that I need to consciously ask myself in tough situations. 

I need to learn to take a step back and let God be God and know in my heart that He sees it all. I need to know that I am loved, forgiven, and cherished regardless of how others treat me.

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  1. What a dilemma! You have pointed out the fine line that exists between the two. I believe that either one is a by-product of the other.