Fight Well with God

by - 5:30 AM

When I first found my faith, I never understood when people said they were "mad at God" or "fought with God". Now, much later in my faith journey, I understand that all too well. 

When you trust someone but don't necessarily understand them all the time, it can be frustrating. Like all good relationships and marriages, you need to learn to fight well.

I'm free to argue with God by praying through how I feel, letting Him know why I'm angry or upset and not hold back... but the deal is that I then have to listen. 

I need to be willing to hear from Him, to seek His word and open my heart to His response. I only have one side of the story and most of the time the very thing I feel frustrated about, He reminds me that through it all, He has been protecting me from less than His best. 

It's okay to fight with God, 

we just need to learn to fight well.

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  1. Your words spoke to me on a different level. Fights, disagreements and doubts are all part of building a strong relationship be it with humans or God.