Casting All Anxiety

by - 1:30 AM

What does it mean to cast your anxiety? 
When we cast our fishing line, we first pull it back and toss it forward with a location in mind. 

Similar to our anxieties, we must first pull them back - examine what you are anxious about. 

Ask yourself the tough questions like "what is the worst possible thing that could happen here?" Or "if this never changes, can I still live a fulfilled life?" - once you've unpacked the core of why you're feeling anxious... toss it forward to Jesus. 

With your eyes on Him, propel your worries and sorrows towards Him. Let it go. 
Don't let those worries have a place in your boat any longer! Trust Him with your worries for he cares for you. 

Let go of what is weighing your boat down and walk in the freedom of faith in Christ.

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