Give God His Job Back

by - 1:30 AM

Is there something you are relying on others for which you should be receiving from God? 

We tend to place all our expectations on people and we crash hard when they don't pull through for us. 

Give God his job back! 

He is waiting with arms wide open ready to take you in with His abundant grace and remind you that He loves and takes care of His children. 

When we place our hope and trust in Him, we will never crash. He may redirect us and at times it may not be clear how He is guiding us, but when you look back at your life - the evidence is clear - he has never left you nor forsaken you. 

God is here. 
Jesus is near. 
And your heart is safe in His hands 

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  1. I am a born Muslim but I do believe in Jesus. For me religion is something which gives peace to your souls and mind. This blog is peaceful and lovely.