He Didn't Bring You This Far Just to Leave You

by - 6:14 PM

Life isn't always how we dreamed it would be when we were 12... 

sometimes it is so much more. 
Sometimes it is so much harder than we imagined. 

In those times when we feel the walls are caving in, we need to throw our hands in the air and praise the One who has brought us to where we are today... 

because there is no way our God brought you this far just to leave you. 

Have faith. 
His plan may be completely different, but the Creator of the universe knows you more than you know yourself and he has beautiful plans for his children. 

We need only to turn our eyes and our hearts to hear his guiding voice to direct our next step.

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  1. Life is a constant struggle. We must set aside our useless anxieties and stresses. Think about them that if they are necessary or not. That’s introspection. Your life will become easy. Very nice sharing!