Living Loved

by - 4:07 PM

I fail every day to live loved. 

There seems to be this longing within us that is never fully satisfied because we know people never measure up to the need of our hearts. 

Not only do people fail us, but we tend to disappoint others too. Our love can never fully satisfy one another because it is not whole.

It may seem like a cliché but only God's love can satisfy. When we look to other humans to feel wanted, loved, and acknowledged, we just can't seem to grasp onto lasting, full, unconditional love. It's just in our nature. 

I am so thankful that True Love has been displayed and modelled in the person of Jesus Christ. That no matter how much we may feel rejected, or set aside, that God has made a public declaration of His eternal love for you and me. It's there. Right in front of you. But we forget because we often turn to people for affirmation quicker than our Maker. 

This week, choose to operate from the assurance of His eternal love for you and notice just how the burden and weight can be lifted from your relationships. 

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  1. Many people in our lives do not tend to reach match up the expectations we have in our heart, on the other we dissapoint others too and that makes us human.

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