The Battle is His: How This Christian Deals with Anxiety and Panic Attacks

by - 5:00 AM

I struggle with anxiety and panic attacks.

I know, I know, you hear this a lot and roll your eyes because today, “everyone deals with anxiety”. But more and more I’m getting messages from friends who have misunderstood this struggle in me before and are now experiencing it for themselves. I’ve even received long messages apologizing that they didn’t understand before and now they are in need of grace from those around them. As much as it’s nice to be understood, I wouldn’t wish this struggle upon anyone. 

What to do When Having a Panic Attack

Truth is, I can be doing something so simple as volunteering at church and my body decides to go into complete panic mode. My heart starts racing and won’t calm down. I get dizzy and it’s really hard to breathe. 

In those moments, I’ve learned to walk away (ideally into a cold, quiet environment), practice controlled breathing, and pray. 9 times out of 10 I can get my attack under control, and return to my daily life. This has happened so many times that commonly people around me don’t even know that I’m having an attack because I have learned how to manage them. 

Triggers of Anxiety and Panic Attacks

This year, I am determined to beat this “Thorn in my flesh”. I’ve learned that a healthier lifestyle (less sugar and more exercise) helps reduce my attacks tremendously but there is still so much more I need to learn to completely eliminate anxiety.

Anxiety can manifest itself in many different ways - from the physical, to the mental and emotional. It can affect relationships and hold you back from social situations. But in all of this, the battle is His. No matter what is holding you back today, we can place it at the cross and say “I’m a slave no more”. But we MUST learn what we can also do tangibly to fight alongside Christ. 

Prayer Through the Overwhelm

It’s taken me years and counselling to learn more about these attacks. It’s injured friendships and opportunities. But through it all, God is using the experiences to help others walk through this as well. The battle is His and even though struggle may not go away completely, you can learn how to manage it. 

If you are struggling today, ask God what small changes you need to make today to help manage or even eliminate these attacks. There may be triggers you are not aware of (sugar was a HUGE one for me). Remember, the battle is His.

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