Do You Own Stuff, or Does Stuff Own You?

by - 10:57 AM

If you've been following my instagram stories lately, you know I’m doing a one month minimalism challenge and it’s kind of changing everything.⠀

I am finding I will hold things in my hands that have been sitting at the back of my closet for months (ahem, okay, years) and I make an excuse why I should hold onto it.⠀

I’m having conversations around these items. What is its use? Does it bring me joy? Can someone else use this? If I need it down the road, can I just get another one easily?⠀

It reminds me of the things we hold onto spiritually and emotionally. Maybe it’s time to clean out our brain closets (I’ve decided it’s a thing now) and let go of the things that are taking up too much space and not going to use.⠀

Anger? Jealousy? Apathy? Whatever it may be, it is not serving you. You are serving it. Time to get on board with this challenge and toss it in the trash.⠀

It’s all about intentionality and making room for what matters. Both in our homes, and in our hearts. Because if we keep holding onto things, it’s only going to distract is from what (and Who) truly matters.

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