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90 minutes. That's how long my commute is to work. Which means I've been on the search for some faith-based podcasts to ease me into (and out of) my day.

Here are a few of my absolute favourite binge-worthy faith-based podcasts.



Knowing Faith
If you've heard of Jen Wilkin (Books: Women of the Word, None Like Him, In His Image), you will love Knowing Faith. Recorded with the Village Church crew, this podcast explores how our faith is founded upon Scripture and aims to help the church better understand where their faith is rooted.

The Bible Binge
If you are looking for a better way to understand biblical stories and enjoy laughing uncontrollably, you will LOVE the Bible Binge. I believe they may be on hiatus right not, but I have re-listened to many of their episodes. They "cast" actors into biblical characters so you can better picture narratives. I will now forever picture Kid Rock whenever "the angel of the Lord" is mentioned.

The Bible Project
If you haven't heard of the Bible project... uhhhh.. stop what you are doing and go to YouTube right now and watch ALLLL their videos... I'll wait.

Okay great - this is the podcast version of that.



Fierce Marriage
I recently got married and even before we tied the knot, I was binge-listening to this podcast. Ryan and Selena feel like close friends that share incredible wisdom but not in a way that is prideful or arrogant. You can tell they have fun recording this podcast and I've learned so much from this show (and I'm diving into their book right now as well also called Fierce Marriage!)

The Naked Marriage Podcast
Wow. I am so happy I found a podcast that wasn't afraid to dig into the fun topics of marriage. Hosts Dave and Ashley bring wisdom, vulnerability and humour to even the toughest marriage topics including sex and intimacy. 

Marriage After God
Aaron and Jennifer Smith are the voices behind this podcast that focuses on relevant marriage issues including intimacy, healthy living, boundaries, pornography addiction, biblical living, tips for parenting and more.  



Hunter Beless is a military wife and mama who shares truth-filled, gospel-driven encouragement for women navigating the seasons and challenges they face on their journeys to glorify God. She's had some incredible guests on this show and is one of my favourite podcasts to take a walk with as I always leave challenged and inspired in my faith.

Marked Podcast
This is a podcast I have just come across but is a show produced by lifeway women - which is always good in my books. I can't wait to listen more but from what I know, Marked is for women who have a hunger for God's word, a longing to impact culture, and a desire to discover and life out God's calling.

Help Me Teach the Bible
If you lead a bible study or are mentoring young women, you need to dig into this podcast. Nancy Guthrie talks to some of the best teachers and preachers of our day to help equip bible teachers to creatively teach through specific books of the bible.



Coffee and Crumbs
Y'all.... I can't explain how much I LOVE this podcast. I'm not even a mom and I'm pretty sure I've listened to every episode. The humour and friendship found between April, Indiana and Ashlee is so special and I just feel like I am at the table with three close friends sharing life stories. The goal of this podcast is to share the beautifully hard work of raising children and has undertones of faithfully serving Christ along the way.

Risen Motherhood
Again... not a mom, but this podcast has just spoken so deeply to my soul. I may not be overwhelmed with littles, but I can easily be overwhelmed with life, and this podcast has helped to refocus me back onto Christ. This podcast is "for the imperfect mother, still learning, still growing and still fully recognizing she doesn't have it all together - but who comes every day, to the base of the cross, to seek the one who does".


What are some podcasts you are currently listening to? Comment below!

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