Ditching the Chemicals

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I'm doing it.
I've decided to ditch the chemicals.

With several relatives battling cancer and some minor health scares myself, I am doing my part to eliminate the toxins in my environment and live a more chemical-free life.

Here are some of the products I've recently switched to that I am absolutely loving! With the help from my friend, and Norwex consultant, Lauren, I have recently won $500 worth of chemical-free cleaning product from hosting an online party. And I'm pretty pumped about it. Look at all the stuff that just came in the mail!:

If you are considering eliminating chemicals here are my top three recommendations to get you started:
If you are just starting out with chemical-free cleaning, this is your "go-to". Embedded with a "baclock technology", which basically means there is embedded silver that kills ALL the germs, you can use this cloth anywhere, and you only need water. Simply wet it, wring it, and go to town. Oh, and when you're done, just rinse it under water, rub it together and hang it to dry. The silver goes to work throughout the night and it's good to use the next day!

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I didn't know this.... but apparently dryer sheets are FULL of toxic chemicals that have been linked to central nervous system disorders. Even the scent-free ones are coated with toxins that are transferred onto our clothes, which are then on our bodies, and can be absorbed into the skin.

 This is why I've ditched my dryer sheets and use these cute little dryer balls exclusively! They are made of wool and I find they don't cause any static! (I don't put my work-out clothes in the dryer but my husband accidentally put them in one time and it was static central.. so I recommend hanging that material to dry).

Lauren also recommends adding a few drops of essential oils to add that freshness if you miss it. I haven't tried that yet, but here is the oil that may work best.

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I was skeptical that this actually worked. I've tried every natural deodorant under the sun and didn't find any worked until a friend recommended crystal deodorant. This stick is pure mineral salts and works by neutralizing odor-causing bacteria (rather than masking them) and also, doesn't clog pores.

I bought mine from Saje over a year ago and it's still going strong. You simply wet it, and glide on your pits and your good to go. I have a friend that uses a tiny spray bottle instead of putting it under the tap and I also know some people use a small Norwex envirocloth to wipe it down after each use. One thing I found annoying was that when I didn't dry it off, it leaves salt stains on my marble counter so I've been using this small pinch pot as a holder and it works great!

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There are SO many more exciting products I'm using to help eliminate my use of chemical cleaning (and beauty) products. I'll post about those soon, but for now, these are three great products to start with! If you have ANY questions, my friend Lauren posts how-to videos and does fun giveaways all the time on her facebook group! Comment below if you want to get connected :)

Happy cleaning!

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