Welcome Home Finlay

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My husband and I had been self isolating for two weeks following a trip to California when I began bugging him for a puppy. We were both officially working from home due to the global pandemic and had nothing but time. If we were going to add a fluffbutt to our family, now was the time, as we would both be home to train him.

I had grown up with shelties and was very familiar with the breed. G's only request was that he was a tri colour (black, white, and brown).

After reaching out to several breeders, waiting 8 weeks only to have an agreement fall through on a female tri, we finally came across Finlay who had been promised to someone else. The woman kindly and willingly gave Finlay up to take another sable from the litter and we had our tri boy!

One month ago, we officially welcomed this little furball into our family. We picked him up from the breeder in Kitchener and made our way to Sauble Beach for a nice family weekend getaway.

The drive wasn't too bad! He did cry at first, but soon settled down on his new blanket and wouldn't fall asleep unless he had his head resting on Daddy's arm. 

We stopped at a park half way which was completely empty due to COVID restrictions (as you can see the roped off playground in the background). It was perfect! Finlay couldn't get too far because he was so small, so we let him walk free and chase G around. We laid the blanket out and had a picnic. It was a sweet memory of our first day with him. We were both glowing we were so happy to finally have our little pupper.

The cottage was the perfect place to bring Finlay on his first weekend with us. He learned to use his collar and leash for the first time while making use of the large property we had. Although he kept falling into what we call "the snake pit" (basically a ditch in front of the cottage), he did good otherwise! He had no accidents inside the cottage (mostly because G and I had a military schedule going). One of my favourite memories is bringing him into Owen Sound with us to the puppy store to get a smaller collar (the one we got him was too big!) and he got a free pupperoni that kept him occupied on the drive home :) 

My parents arrived at the cottage the day we were leaving (I truly miss spending time with them but we need to social distance due to COVID!). It was so sweet to see my dad meet Finlay for the first time.

My Grannie loves the family dogs, or rather, the family dogs LOVE Grannie! It was sweet to see Grannie and my mom meet Finlay, they were so excited. With the exception of my mother tripping over the dog (oops, sorry Mom!) it was a nice little visit before we hit the road!

OH! I must mention, my parents got a dog this time last year named Scout. He is actually Finlay's cousin! They have the same grandpa who is retired and living in Missouri. Although they didn't have much time to meet (Finlay was much too young), we have a playdate tomorrow since Finlay officially has all his shots now!

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